Hi there!

A few thing’s come to mind when I think about how to describe ‘me’: I’m very passionate about ‘all things technology’, (retro)gaming, architecture and design!

I work at Capgemini where I lead the Cloud Center of Excellence NL. I’m specialized in Microsoft Productivity and Cloud Solutions and therefore mostly work with Office 365 and Azure.  Besides that I’m also working with extended realities (Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality) as technology and business development lead.

As a seasoned Solutions Architect I’m active mainly at the interface between the business and the developers I translate business needs to the best possible solution: one that fits their particular business type, landscape and (future) roadmap, visualizing a concept or design and making it come alive.

I strongly believe that you should ‘practice what you preach’ so I still ‘get my feet wet’ often, building proposed solutions, organizing and hosting tech and non-tech workshops/events, speaking at public events and coaching and/or mentoring colleagues. Having worked in many different IT tech consultancy roles and projects the last couple of years, I possess a vast amount of knowledge in both technical and functional aspects in relation to Microsoft technology, knowledge I will be sharing on my blog.


Keywords: Microsoft, SharePoint, Flow, Productivity, Cloud, PowerApps, Diversity, C#, .NET Framework, SharePoint Framework, Office 365, Managed Services, Azure, Teams, Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, High Performance Compute